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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Latest News on Otter and Arthur

I haven't blogged in awhile, but it isn't for lack of news. Exciting things are happening with Otter and Arthur. I have done readings and appearances at schools, sold my book in conjunction with my sons' school book fair, and have an upcoming television appearance!

The chance to share the book at schools has been especially rewarding. Not only do I read selections of the book, but I talk to the kids about the process of writing a book and getting it published. At one appearance, I spoke to somewhere between 80-100 kids. The discussion started with me asking what kinds of stories they have written. Then I asked them what they thought my book was about just from looking at the cover. I love these discussions more than reading the book!

I'm looking forward to my first television appearance (11/28/12, 9:00am, KCTV5). I will be on the show Better Kansas City. I will be interviewed about the book and the process of becoming an author and getting self-published. In conjunction with the interview, the book will also be avaiable at Shawnee Books & Toys.

You can check the Events tab on this site for details on all of the aforementioned activities.

The book is now also available for Kindle. Click here for details.

I also got one of the best possible reviews I could ask for. A friend bought the book and as soon as she got home, her bookworm daughter disappeared to her bedroom with it. She didn't emerge until she'd finished the entire book. Her assessment? She loved it!

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  1. Great to hear Otter and Arthur is doing so well, Dave. Great story well told, and a lot of fun to read. Hope you sell a million copies!