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Saturday, December 1, 2012

National Novel Writing Month

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In November 2012, I participated in National Novel Writing Month, known as NaNoWriMo for short. The objective is to write the rough draft of a novel (50,000 words)in the month of November.

I've never been a steady, disciplined writer. The idea of writing a consistent 1500+ words a day was daunting. I hoped, though, that I could write in enough big spurts to pull it off.

My other challenge was hitting 50,000 words with one project. It just couldn't be done. My primary goal was to write the first draft of Otter and Arthur and the Round Table, which will be the sequel to Otter and Arthur and the Sword in the Stone.

However, that posed a problem. The first book runs about 26,500 words. I wasn't looking to change the word count for the second so doubling the size of the book wasn't a real option.

That meant cobbling together a couple projects. I also write non-fiction books about music history and was in the early stages of an intended book called The Top 100 Albums of All Time. Learn more about that project at www.thetop100albumsofalltime.com.

By tag-teaming the two books with some other smaller writing projects, I pulled it off! 52,045 words in 30 days. Woo hoo! I did it!

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